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Why Treehouse Sessions?



Whether it be professionally or personally, 2020 was a monumental year. A pandemic  wreaked havoc in more ways than one, leaving each one of us experiencing its effects to some degree. 


While in the midst of writing and recording my sophomore studio album,  we found ourselves needing to postpone shows and studio sessions to quarantine. Although initially disappointed,  postponing the release of the album allowed for a much needed time of personal reflection and allowed for more writing. 


As fate would have it, one afternoon in Treehouse Studios, our writing session took an unexpected turn.  No audience.  No band.  Just a microphone and a guitar. Right then and there, an unplanned acoustic project came to life. 


I've always held an appreciation for the unedited "one-takes" of the 50's. More specifically, I admire the authenticity of the approach to recording in that era. 


With this acoustic project, I want to pay tribute to a time in music entertainment that was more organic. I don't have a perfect voice, life, or anything else.  I love to sing what I feel.  And I love to express myself in that medium. That's it.

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