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Thomas Gabriel Comes Full Circle

He sounds strikingly similar to his famous grandfather, especially when he’s singing one of Johnny Cash’s big hits like “Ring of Fire,” but Thomas Gabriel has a style all his own. And it's taken him almost 45 years to find it.

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Southern Harmony - Thomas Gabriel Continues  Cash Legacy 

His journey back to music has taken Thomas Gabriel through some dark and difficult places, but the eldest grandson of Johnny Cash believes he’s overcome his obstacles. The Man in Black would be very proud.

When people first hear Thomas Gabriel sing, they are struck by the rich, gravelly quality of his voice. Fans of his famous grandfather catching Gabriel’s version of “Ring of Fire” or “Hurt” often remark, “He sounds a lot like Johnny.” But it soon becomes clear Gabriel has his own, unique style. He’s been surprised by the positive response to his Cash Legacy Tour.

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Thomas Gabriel Johnny Cash's Grandson

Thomas Gabriel Continues family Legacy with “Long Way Home”

In his album Long Way Home, Thomas Gabriel takes you through an autobiography of a very turbulent, incarcerated, addiction-riddled life with an eerie connectivity and continuation of the Johnny Cash story. There is no “Boy Named Sue” here though. This is the Johnny Cash of the American Recordings era, and his early moments of delving deep into the Gothic underpinnings of the Carter Family, and the sowing of cautionary tales. This is Johnny Cash the doomsday preacher, and the vampire slayer. Yet the story is all Thomas Gabriel, strikingly so, brutal in its honesty, and unquestionable in its authenticity.

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It's time to meet Thomas Gabriel

Next month, it will have been fifteen years since the world lost the great Johnny Cash. Cash was brash, creative, and even bleeding edge in his approach to music and performing. If you have ever wondered: What if he were young and alive today; what if he were writing and performing music today; what if . . .a lot of things about the Man in Black.


The answers to those questions just may be in the person of his eldest grand kid, Thomas Gabriel. If you don’t believe me, give his debut CD, Long Way Home, a close listen and tell me it ain’t so. 

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"Thomas and the guys are amazing musicians. The concerts are fantastic. Not only does Thomas sing his granddad's songs, he sings songs he has written too.  Never been to one of his concerts? Go. You won’t be disappointed."


"He's got a presence about him. Listening to him sing and talk is soothing... captivating."


"Everything  - if you get a chance go see him, you will not be disappointed."


"Today, through social media, I discovered you. I wanted to know more, and T.G., you have got what your Grandpa and Momma gave ya. Your album has given me goosebumps. I can't wait to hear more and see where your music takes you.


"Thomas and the band are awesome true country. They connect with the fans. Can't wait to see them play again."


"Thomas Gabriel writes songs that hit me hard. because it's as if he's speaking my words. Like I'm not the only one feeling so deeply."


"Wow. . .there's no denying the family connections"


"I just cant say enough about this guy!! The talent and versatility of the band feeds my soul!"


"The music is outstanding, but the story telling is what captivated me. Whether he was talking about his days on tour with his grandfather, or his own personal struggles, I was in awe." 


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Johnny Cash's Grandson - Singer Songwriter Thomas Gabrie‪l‬

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